Meet Lucky: Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Licensed Wedding Ceremony Officiant in Las Vegas

Yemi “Lucky” Falade

Meet Yemi

I’m a licensed wedding officiant in Las Vegas, the wedding capital of the world. How did I get there?

After combing through my parents’ wedding album at the age of three, I instantly became fascinated with weddings. That summer, I attended a wedding on a yacht. It would be the first of hundreds of weddings I attended over the years.

After living in New York City for much of my life, I took the plunge and moved to Las Vegas. Combining my love of weddings with the fact that I now lived in the wedding capital of the world, I made a huge career change and became a ceremony officiant.

I enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas, and I work with my couples to help them plan a memorable day, whether it is for a getaway wedding, a destination wedding with guests, or a vow renewal. I look forward to preceding over your special day.

Living in Las Vegas, I am familiar with all of the best locations for a wedding ceremony.  Of course, I know all the popular locations, but I also know some very romantic, out of the way locations.  If you’re looking for something with a Las Vegas vibe, but don’t want to be married by Elvis, then we will be a perfect match. 

My nickname is Lucky, and I also help couples create lucky wedding vows and select a lucky wedding day.  I would love to connect with you and help you plan your special day.


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Fun Fact

My name “Yemi” means lucky.

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