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How to Choose a Wedding Officiant in Las Vegas

You’re eloping in Vegas! Now it’s time to secure a wedding officiant. A wedding officiant perform legal wedding ceremonies.

Before hiring an officiant, verify the officiant’s license.

Nevada Minister Search

Seek a wedding officiant well-versed in the Las Vegas marriage license process.

Clark County Marriage License Application

A marriage license must be received by the Marriage Bureau within 10 days of conducting a wedding ceremony. It is the officiant’s responsibility to submit a marriage license.
Your wedding officiant will ask you for your marriage license prior to performing the ceremony.

Upfront Pricing
An officiant’s services and price list should be posted on his or her website. Look for an electronic payment method as well. Since this is prime wedding season in Vegas, consider booking an officiant immediately.

COVID-19 Vaccinated
Over a million Nevadans have been vaccinated. Inquire about your officiant’s vaccination status.

Mobile Wedding Officiant
A mobile officiant is able to conduct your ceremony all over Las Vegas and Nevada. Including in front of Vegas’ landmarks like the Bellagio Fountain, the Welcome Las Vegas Neon sign, Fremont St, Caesar’s Palace canopy or any of Vegas’ stunning outdoor and indoor wedding venues. Hotel suite ceremonies are also popular.

Schedule a Virtual or Face-to-Face Meet
Look for an officiant who’s a good listener. Is the officiant doing most of the talking? Does he or she request your input?

Vow Writing
A wedding officiant can help you write your wedding vows. You can also request standard vow exchange.

Length of Ceremony
Sign and Dash, Elopement, micro-wedding, or traditional wedding? Seek an officiant who’s able to dedicate the time needed

Type of Ceremony
Interfaith, nonreligious, or religious? Look for an officiant who will acknowledge your beliefs during your ceremony.

Dress Code
Your officiant should be professionally dressed. Whether it be a black dress and pearls or an Elvis Presley costume. You can also request that your officiant wears attire to compliment your culture.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at I look forward to officiating on your lucky day.

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